Children & Youth

The Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation maintains a special focus on helping children and youth in need in metro Atlanta. The Foundation works to strengthen child welfare in Georgia and to support the development of Atlanta’s youth into healthy, responsible and productive citizens.

The Foundation’s investments in children and youth make up a significant part of our average grants portfolio (see graph). We work with the State of Georgia to address challenges in child welfare, and we support the capital and capacity-building needs of youth development organizations in metro Atlanta.


  • Improvements in child welfare at the state level, with an emphasis on prevention and intervention strategies
  • Youth development and academic enrichment programs for underserved youth in metro Atlanta that operate at scale with strong outcomes, community support and school- or district-level partnerships
  • Capital or capacity-building needs of organizations providing residential or therapeutic care in metro Atlanta

What We Do Not Fund

  • Organizations outside of metro Atlanta
  • Individuals