K-12 Education

The Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation seeks to improve K-12 education at the state level and within Atlanta Public Schools. The Foundation believes that education is key to creating opportunity and ending generational poverty for children in our community.

The Foundation’s investments in K-12 education make up a significant part of our average grants portfolio (see graph). The Foundation supports organizations working to positively impact the academic success of students and to close the achievement gap.


  • Systemic improvements to public K-12 education in Georgia
  • Initiatives to improve K-12 education within Atlanta Public Schools
  • Strategies to help Atlanta Public Schools students graduate and successfully pursue and complete post-secondary education

What We Fund

  • Initiatives to improve educational standards, teacher quality and school leadership development
  • Initiatives focused on persistence to high school graduation and college access and completion
  • Initiatives to educate at-risk children
  • Charter schools in metro Atlanta with broad private support, high academic standards and a track record of success
  • Special education schools in metro Atlanta

What We Do Not Fund

  • Organizations outside of metro Atlanta
  • Individuals
  • Individual public schools or school programs
  • Private schools